Buying an Existing Café or Shop

To most who are new to entrepreneurship, it can be rather challenging to build their own shop from scratch. We are not just talking about the hardware, which include the interior design, decoration and equipment. It’s also about attracting and retaining customers, building a reputation in the neighbourhood, digital marketing and more. Without leaders with relevant experiences, companies would likely reach a plateau and even fail. Even if you’ve got the experience, running a company involves keeping the business growing in hard times, which is even more challenging when one starts from scratch.

If you are interested in starting your own cafe and you’d like to shorten the learning curve, Lassana is here to help! We have the latest information about existing shops in Hong Kong that are for sale, including the location, size of the shop, the lump sum premium for the transfer of business, rent and highlights of the business. With us at Lassana, you can have the information at your fingertips, and start your cafe at the comfort of your own home.

If you are interested in buying an existing cafe, don’t hesitate to contact us here.
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